Kelly (janesaintclaire) wrote in sonh,

Nail salon recommendations

OK, I'm looking for a new nail salon. I live in Manchester, and I work in Nashua off of exit 5W. I had a lovely place I had gone to before, but since it was just one lady it was always hard to get in there unless I wanted to go at 6am on Saturday and I love sleeping in more than I love my nails.

I tried searching Yelp, but there weren't many reviews for Nail Salons in either area, so I come to LJ for help.

  1. Where do you get your nails done and who is your technician?

  2. Do you have acrylics, wraps, gels, etc.?

  3. Do they do their filing by hand or with an electric drill?

  4. Do you know if they do pink and whites? If so can they do back fills?

  5. Flame me if you will, but do they speak English? I've had enough nail girls where there has been a language barrier, and I'm not interested in having that experience again.

If you don't presently get your nails done but have a place I should check out, please let me know. And of course if there are places to stay away from I'm all ears. Thanks in advance!
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